Founded in October of 2001 as SCIS Air Security, SCIS was the nation's first independent business to provide the aviation industry with solutions to post-911 enhanced security requirements.

Today, SCIS continues to be recognized as the "Gold Standard" in Airline Catering Security and, with its Air Security and Solutions brands, has expanded its services to include Airport Operation Area Security, Aircraft Security, Cargo Security, Personnel Screening, In-Flight Entertainment, and Point of Sale support solutions

Headquartered in Arlington, Texas, SCIS currently operates in 60+ offices at 39 US Airports, with services to over 60 international and domestic airlines and continues to expand its services and solutions.

Through the years, we have utilized the disciplines learned from our security background to help us grow into a leading technology and logistics provider.

We have supported many international and domestic airlines with their Point of Sale (POS) and In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) equipment.

Leveraging our footprint, processes and technology, our employees service equipment on over 1,000 aircrafts per day. Our logistical service includes the Inventory Management, Asset Tracking, Maintenance, and Cleaning of customer devices.

We also offer a complete IFE system that includes Hardware, Software, and Content management. In one case study a major US airline that utilizes our IFE tablet solution deployed determined this service has improved their customer satisfaction.

SCIS was founded to provide aviation security services, and over a decade later, SCIS continues to provide these backbone services to our clients, specializing in catering security, aircraft security, cargo security, and more.

Security remains the core of our business, and SCIS maintains disciplines learned from our practical experience to ensure we maintain the security on which our customers rely, while remaining in compliance with both regulatory and customer requirements.

SCIS remains dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and exceeding their expectations.

We are the “Gold Standard” in airline security services.

SCIS strives to be a leader in supporting our airline customers with innovative and dependable solutions. We are committed to service excellence in providing logistical support and securing our customer’s facilities, personnel, and equipment. Through effective leadership, a competent workforce, and proven communication methods, we will drive innovation and processes that guarantee the results upon which our customers rely. We will ensure predictable service outcome through our world-class internal auditing process. We will be the “Gold Standard” in logistical support and security solutions.

Our Core Commitments

Any team will only be as strong as its leaders. We will field a team capable of effectivly leading in the fast-paced, ever-changing aviation industry.

Clearly define processes that are consistently executed across the network will increase service reliability. We will design and implement precise processes for every service we provide.

Our team members represent the heart of our business. We will effectively equip our associates, through training, testing, and continuous feedback to execute their responisiblities and represent our Company on a daily basis.

Effectively communicating expectations and established feedback processes provides each team member with a clear understanding of their role in our success. We will provide open and clear communications at each level of the organization.

To protect our customer’s brand, each team member will be accountable for his/her performance. On a regular basis, we will reward success and will not be shy to establish the cost of failure in order to maintain a zero-tolerance for security and operational lapses.

To ensure service quality and effectiveness, we will hold ourselves accountable to the highest performance standards by continuously measuring process compliance and reliability through layers of internal and external audit ources and identify opportunities for improvement.