• Aircraft Security Sweeps
  • Wanding of Service Personnel
  • Aircraft monitoring
  • Aircraft guarding
  • Charter Screening
  • Truck Seal Verification

The Front Line of Aircraft Security

Our protocols, prior to departures, will add a layer of safety and security surrounding your aircraft on the Airport Operation Area (AOA). You can trust our team to thoroughly and consistently inspect your aircraft, ensuring safety for personnel and passengers.

All security services remain compliant with TSA rules and regulations. By training to the highest standards, our guards set the standard for quality, compliance and professionalism.


  • Serving over 1.5 million flights annually
  • Contracted with over 60 different airlines
  • 800+ vetted and SIDA badged security personnel
  • Customer Service Centers at 39 US airports
  • TSA-commended chain-of-custody control measures

Protecting Food Services

Catering Security is the core of our business. We are recognized by the TSA and our customers as the leader in catering security. Our extensive training, regulatory and compliance audits, and leadership have help to set us apart. With the TSA increasing compliance audits and potential fines, airlines look to us as a partner they can trust.


  • Training, Compliance & Alarm-resolution Programs
    • Elevated Risk Cargo (ERC)
    • Dangerous Goods Screening (Categories 3, 6, & 12)
    • Explosives Trace Detection (ETD)
    • Physical Searches
  • X-Ray Systems
    • Mail and Small-Parcel Density Threat Series
  • Single View and Dual View Pallet and Cargo Series
  • Large Scale Vehicle and Trailer Series

Safeguarding Cargo

SCIS is a dependable, disciplined and proven aviation security and logistics support company. We provide dependable, highly trained employees that can deliver consistent products and services across the country. We will work in your facility with your equipment to screen cargo in a timely manner while alleviating your concerns about TSA compliance and potential fines.